Shipping Information


We normally will send Items by UPS Ground or Priority Mail unless otherwise arranged.  Some items may be temporarily out of stock so please try to allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your order, especially if engraving is a part of it! 

Engraved items are non returnable unless our error. We make every effort to make sure your shipment is correct and arrives as ordered. If damaged please contact us and your carrier immediately.

If shipping by ground, expect about this much cost added to your order:

1 Lb. or less  $10.00

2lbs.  $12.00

3 lbs  $14.00

4lbs  $15.00

5-10 lbs.  $20.00

11-15 lbs.  $25.00

16-20 lbs.  $30.00

21-25 lbs.  $35.00

26-30 lbs.  $40.00

If weight will be more, contact us for an estimate.